The question of whether or not it’s worth to buy gutter screens has been debated for a long time. These installations are commonly used to prevent water damage, debris and pests from causing harm or clogging up gutters that could otherwise last a very long time. But how important is it to install gutter screens, and could you live without them?

To answer that question, let’s first take a look at what happens if you opt out of installing new gutter screens:


  1. Even with proper cleaning and maintenance, your gutters will be exposed to various pests, and debris such as falling leaves and broken branches can end up clogging them up.
  2. You will have to clean out your gutters much more often, which translates into greater hassle. It’s possible you will need to hire a replacement window Denver company if your ladder slips and crashes into one of the windows in your home.
  3. Without gutter screens to act as a protective shield, your gutters may retain rainwater, which could freeze during the winter, or become a thriving habitat for insects and various pests during the summer.
  4. The excess weight caused by the water could strain the structural integrity of your gutters and even put more pressure on your house.


The potential damage and hassle caused by not having gutter screens installed can cost you anything from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Under these circumstances, the small, one-time fee required for installing high quality gutter screens might be well worth it.

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