Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

As the holidays are approaching, everyone starts planning how to decorate their homes. This is an age old way of embracing the festive spirit and making visitors feel welcome from the moment they approach the front door.


This year, the strongest trend is for unique DIY decorations for windows and doors. Here are a few ideas:


  1. Write Festive Words on Windows with Self-Sticking Paper

Get your hands on self-sticking labels, in as many colors as possible and cut out letter. Form words like: joy, Santa, Christmas, peace, etc. and stick them on the windows. Everyone will be able to read your best wishes for the holidays. Also, the work needed to remove the stickers and clean the windows is minimal.


  1. Door Wreaths Made from Unusual Materials

An old bicycle wheel, leftover fabrics, scented herbs – all these can be used to create the traditional Christmas wreath. Here, your own imagination is the limit. You can add glitter, pine cones, fresh fruit (oranges and grapefruit tend to last longer) or any other decorations you want.


  1. Snow Spray Drawings on the Window

Snow spray never goes out of fashion. You have the spray, a cut-out stencil and your decoration is ready in seconds. As this type of DIY decorations became more and more popular, snow sprayis also available in gold and silver. As for the stencils, you get a set with the spray can, or you can create your own.  Look online at places such as to get an idea for replacement windows and doors.

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