Window Sill Decor

Windowsills are spaces that are often left unused, even in small apartments that could really benefit from an extension of the living area. If you are looking for fun items that you can place on the windowsill to add functionality and style to your entire room, here are our top tips:

  • Cooking accessories – the windowsill in your kitchen can be transformed into an extra shelf to showcase your favorite items, such as your new cutting board or a butcher block;
  • Cosmetics – you can use the windowsill in your bathroom to display cosmetics in attractive packaging and you can also add a romantic and spa-like atmosphere with a few scented candles;
  • A shelf for craft supplies – if you are an amateur artist and your desk is in front of the window (where it should be), you can use the windowsill to arrange your crayons or your brushes into colored glass holders;
  • Office supplies – you can enhance the functionality of your office and extend the space in the room if you place some office supplies into attractive holders and organizers and place them on the windowsill;
  • A place for your dreams – windowsills can be used to display the pictures that remind you of the destinations you want to visit – the pics will instantly teleport you there whenever you look at them. Just be sure not to adhere anything sticky to your windows, or you could possibly be looking for Denver replacement windows company soon to install new windows.


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