Looking to get a job in construction as soon as humanly possible? You’re in luck, since the Denver market is currently experiencing one of its most pressing shortage of good construction workers in history. Quality businesses like DMD Builders are extremely busy in this economy.  Basically every construction company is hiring, and some of them might even be willing to hire unqualified workers to eventually fill in higher positions after being trained.

You can typically find a job that pays at least around $30,000 per year in the Denver area. These jobs are construction laborer jobs, and most companies that hire will not ask you for a lot of experience – although added experience will definitely work toward increasing your paycheck.


If you have no current experience, you can start by getting a quick job as a laborer, management assistant or maintenance worker. Once you gain some experience, you’ll be able to use your education as leverage to aim for a better job within the company that hired you, or even to find another company that might be willing to extend a better offer.


Denver is a fast-paced work environment where you’ll be surprised just how many willing construction contractors you will find. The trick is knowing which ones you can trust and which ones you’re better off ignoring in the long run.

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