Things To Consider Replacement Window Treatments New

On the market there are a lot of Denver window replacement companies and manufacturers that produce many types of profiles, with various characteristics. Here are some important criteria to consider before adding new windows to your home.

  1. The manufacturer. Each manufacturer has its own quality standards, prices and technologies. For this reason, the profiles are differentiated by lifespan, resistance, thermal and sound insulation.
  2. There are windows with simple glass, toned glass etc., each with different levels of thermal and sound insulation.
  3. The number of glass sheets
  4. The type of gas used between windows panes (argo, krypton, xenon)
  5. The thickness of the glass, which influences both the quality of the insulation and the impact resistance
  6. The distance between the glass sheets (it should be at least 16 mm)
  7. The thickness of PVC profile. The thicker the profile, the higher the sound and thermal insulation.
  8. The color of the PVC joinery. The range of colored windows is very large; they can also have different shades of wood such as mahogany, fir, oak, etc. But you should also know that colored profiles are 20-50% higher than white profiles.
  9. The price. The price is definitely an important factor, but you have to be careful; very low prices can mean that the manufacturer had to cut on quality.


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