The Need For Replacement Windows Denver Area CompaniesWood is one of the most used materials in construction, its qualities being known and recognized for thousands of years. It is primarily a natural material, with a beautiful, warm aspect that cannot be matched by synthetic materials; it is also resistant, has very good insulating properties and can be used in countless ways.If you have wooden windows, we present a series of important rules for ensuring their resistance to moisture and preventing wood rot.Choosing wood that has better external resistance through its structureNot all wood species have the same resistance to external factors. Density, porosity, existence of resins or tannins – all these influence the resistance of wood to water or the attack of insects and fungi.Soft wood, but also hardwood species with very large pores are less resistant to moisture. They easily absorb water, which can lead to rot, and the need for replacement windows Denver businesses install.Regular cleaning of wooden frames and their treatment with substances that prevent the accumulation of moistureThe first thing you have to do is eliminate the impurities, dust and other substances that have accumulated on the surface of the wooden window frames. The next step is to apply the primer to cover all wood roughness and pores and thus allow better adhesion of the next protective treatments. Finally, apply a new layer of lacquer or paint.