Lower Energy Costs

The openings on your building, especially the doors, are components through which energy can and will slip out – your doors are there to be opened and closed all the time, so even the best, most modern door and window will let some energy leave your building in the form of warm or cold air, but the more modern and the more airtight your doors, the more efficient they are in preventing energy exchange between your building and the outdoor world. This also means that replacing old, drafty doors with modern ones is a great way to reduce your energy-costs, so here are a few tips about how to choose the right replacement:

  • Choose energy-efficient materials – steel and fiberglass doors are among the best materials in terms of durability and energy-efficiency, but classic solid wood is also a great and attractive solution, though a bit pricier than others;
  • Install weather-stripping – weather-stripping is of special importance in the case of exterior doors. Make sure that the door fits perfectly into the frame and the frame fits perfectly into the opening in the wall. Apply weather-stripping products to ensure airtightness – you can use products that attach to the jambs with grooves, you can buy products that attach with adhesive strips or products that use plastic or metal runners.

To get on the calendar to have your door and window replaced, see Https://dmdbuilders.com.

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