Knowing the right amount of insulation you have to use for your home is an essential goal that every homeowner moving to Colorado has to consider. For that purpose, you have to follow these tips, if you want your home to be up to standard:


  • The insulation you have to use will depend on where you live. The cities and areas that are associated with the Rocky Mountains usually feature a much colder climate, and would require similar insulation levels as you’d need in the northern part of the country, while places closer to sea level will require much less.  Know too, that in Denver window replacement helps to insulate your home.
  • Attic insulation is the most important you have to consider. Homes without proper attic insulation can use up to 40% more energy. In warmer areas, you still need at least R38 for the attic, while colder regions require a minimum of R49.
  • Wall cavities and floors can be insulated using insulation rated at only R15 to R20, however, for the ceiling you will need at least R30.
  • While warmer regions in Colorado will only require insulation sheathing of R2.5-R5, the R value for the sheathing used in the north is of at least R5, preferably R6.

Armed with this knowledge you have everything you need to begin renovating your new home. While parts of it might already have the perfect amount of insulation you need, it is important to be as thorough as possible during your evaluation.

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