Vinyl Windows Are Low Maintenance

Composite and vinyl are two of the most affordable and most popular choices when it comes to window frame materials according to experienced replacement window Denver Technicians. While both work great and come in many different styles and types, here is how they compare in terms of durability, strength, appearance, energy efficiency and costs:

  • Strength and durability – vinyl windows are made using polyvinyl chloride, while composite combines PVC and acrylic resins. As a result, composite windows are stronger and more durable than vinyl;
  • Costs and energy-saving features – vinyl is easier to manufacture, therefore vinyl windows are cheaper, but composite frames are more energy-efficient and more long-lived, therefore they may be the more cost-effective solution on the long run;
  • Appearance – both materials are available in a wide range of colors, textures and designs, but composite can be made to resemble natural wood as well, therefore it is considered to be attractive;
  • Maintenance needs – one of the features that make vinyl and composite so attractive is the low maintenance needs of the materials. None of the two materials need any special attention other than yearly inspections and some cleaning. They are both very easy to clean, too – all you need for removing even stubborn stains and dirt is some mild detergent and a soft cloth.
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