Ball Thrown At Window In Need Of Replacement

Window technology is constantly evolving, making windows more durable, more energy-efficient and more affordable for considering replacement window Denver area. However, windows are still vulnerable to prolonged exposure to severe conditions – here are some of most common causes of window damage:

  • The impact of the weather – wide fluctuations in temperature over a short time period as well as high humidity can damage window frames made from materials that are sensitive to such things, such as wooden frames. The issue can be avoided by choosing materials that are impervious to humidity and fast-changing temperatures, such as PVC or fiberglass;
  • Physical impact – whether caused by theft, vandalism or by extreme storms and winds, the frames as well as the panes that make up windows are sensitive to blows and the impact caused by flying debris or by birds;
  • Normal aging – not even the strongest, best-kept window on a building in a mild climate region lives forever. Various window frame materials come with different lifespans, the frames made from natural materials, such as wood, being the least durable, while synthetic frames, such as PVC or fiberglass are the most durable materials (fiberglass windows can live for over 80 years without getting as much as a scratch).
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