Window Replacment For Older Properties

One of the most common problems encountered with windows is that they get stuck. The issue most frequently affects sliding and gliding windows, but opening windows can also become difficult to open, especially the ones that are rarely used. Here are the most common causes:

  • A dirty track – most sliding and gliding windows run on a track and some rollers on the bottom as well as on the top. When dust accumulates in the track, the lubricant material combines with the dust particles and forms grime that prevents the movement of the windows. To remedy the issue, take a screwdriver and a plier and remove the dirt;
  • Damaged hardware – the mechanisms that open and close the windows, such as the handles, can also get damage. Try to force the window open without causing any damage to the frame or to the glass and inspect the hardware – if you see any deformed or broken components, you will probably need to replace the entire mechanism, but if the malfunction is caused by dirt, all you need to do is clean the part;
  • Paint – a common problem with rarely used windows that had been painted before they were closed the last time is that the dried paint holds the window in place and doesn’t allow it to move. Inspect the window and remove the paint from where there shouldn’t be any, then try the window – it will probably open, if not call on Denver window replacement professionals to fix.
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