Squeaky Old Front Door

It’s not that uncommon to see that your front door was damaged after you already have it for a while. Depending on how durable the material is or how long the design of the door can last, damage will be more or less visible as time goes by. The following are the most common types of damage you can expect to see:


  • As time goes by you might notice that your entry door creaks and no longer closes as easily as before. This is common wear and tear, and it can be avoided longer with good maintenance and frequent repairs.
  • Squeaky hinges are also quite common, and they can be very annoying if you let them go unchecked for a longer time. Lubrication can usually solve this problem in just a few seconds.
  • Dents in your doors can be caused by anything from hail to intruders trying to break in. For steel doors, dents can usually be fixed without a problem using a basic auto filler.
  • Sticking entry doors usually arise as a result of the material expanding for various reasons over time. To counter this problem you can adjust the size of the door, remove the buildup of dirt along the front door’s edges, and adjust the hinges to alleviate the problem at least partially.


These types of damage are commonly reported by homeowners all around the country. If you want to avoid them, taking proper care of your front door and replacing it when the time comes are the two most important tips you can consider.  Door and window replacement Denver area is consistent due to the older number of homes being renovated.

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