New Designs In Sliding Patio Doors

F or a generous design of the house, it is good to know that large glass surfaces through which the natural light enters the interior are nowadays in trends, especially when they are used to delimit the living space indoors from terraces, balconies or gardens....

How Did French Doors Become So Popular?

French doors have recently become the standard for new homes in hot, moderate and cold climate zones as well and their popularity keeps increasing all the time. These elegant and efficient doors that come with large glass panes extending over much of the frame...

Tips for Choosing a Color for Your Front Door

The front door is among the first things that your visitors notice about your home, so the color that you choose for it will say a lot about you and your home – here are a few tips about how to choose the best color for it: Match the color of the door to the colors on...
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