Cut Energy Cost

Installing new windows is a serious investment into the value and the comfort of your home and also a great way to reduce your energy bills on the long run – here is how and why a set of replacement windows Denver area companies install will lower your energy-related expenses.

Reduced Energy Loss

According to recent studies, around 25% of the energy loss experienced by an average home can be attributed to windows that do not insulate sufficiently. This is especially true for older buildings – if your home is older than 30 years and your windows are of the same age, they were not manufactured with the modern energy-saving technologies developed in recent years, so they probably have inferior thermal insulation properties.

Increased Protection against Exterior Heat

Modern windows prevent the heat from escaping from inside the home, but they do something else, too: they also prevent the heat from outside from penetrating into the home. New windows are no longer made using a single pane – they consist of two or three panes glued together and separated with gas, such as argon or krypton to provide an efficient thermal barrier and to maintain the temperature even inside the house. Another feature that contributes to the enhanced energy-efficiency of new replacement windows – and a quality that helps with cost cutting as well – is that the frames of the windows also special technologies to improve their thermal performance.

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