The window treatment that you use in your home can make or break the atmosphere of your rooms. The most common forms of window dressing are blinds, valances and curtains – here are a few ideas about the roles played by each of them:

  • Blinds – this type of window covering is usually made from hard and resistant material, such as wood or composite that provides not only visual appeal, but protection against the weather as well. The slats that make up the blinds can be completely closed to shut out the light of the sun entirely or they can be adjusted to allow the penetration of a controlled amount of light;
  • Curtains – these covering components play an important role in creating the comfort and the looks of your rooms. A well-chosen material gives you control over the amount of light that reaches into your room and it also complements the overall appearance of your room;
  • Valances – this type of drapery or decorative textile material plays a purely decorative role. Valances are installed on the uppermost part of the windows to conceal any unattractive window hardware and to integrate the window and the treatment components used on it into the overall design of the room.  Of course if you have old windows and are looking to replace them, you should contact DMD Builders of Denver for pricing.
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