DMD Doors That Handle Colorado Sunshine

Colorado gets a lot of sunny days per year, which is nice for most people although sunlight exposure can also inflict damage on properties. When it comes to front door materials, they must be chosen with care if you want to use that door for as long as possible. For example, doors made from natural wood are more vulnerable to sun exposure and they will change their shape in time, becoming less efficient and also less good looking, even if you perform regular maintenance on them.

However, you can opt for other materials: PVC and metal

A metal door, exposed to Colorado`s sunlight, will not change its properties, even if it is a great heat conductor and sometimes it may become scorching hot. PVC is another very resistant material that will not modify its properties when exposed to sunlight every day.

However, if you have a wood door and do not plan to replaced it very soon, know that there are ways to protect it from sunlight exposure and increase its lifespan. Basically, you must ensure that your front door does not see sunlight at all. How can you do that? Simple:

  • Plant vegetation that project their shadow on your door
  • Install an awning
  • Use robust wood solutions and treatments specifically designed for outdoor environments.

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