Tips To Cleaning Glass Doors

We have glass doors everywhere, whether we are talking about office doors, shower doors or other interior sliding doors. Unfortunately, dust, mud, visible fingerprints or hard water buildup can ruin their beauty. When these problems appear on their delicate surfaces, they must be quickly and carefully cleaned. Here is the best approach for this operation.

Scale deposits and soap traces on the shower doors, as well as the dirt on other types of glass doors, are not just unsightly but sometimes also difficult to remove. The simplest method is to use a special solution for such surfaces and apply it according to the manufacturer`s indications. Typically, for satisfactory results, you must sprinkle the surface with liquid detergent, a


llow it to act for a few minutes and then rinse the glass door and dry the surface completely using a soft cloth or some newspaper; this way, you will get a shiny door, with no water stains.

Always start the cleaning process with either the interior or the exterior surface, not with both of them at once.

If you have to remove dirt and mud from other glass doors, use a special non-abrasive glass cleaning solution and a scraper, to clean the surface from top down to the bottom. Rinse the glass and, just like in the previous situation, use a cloth to wipe it dry.  If your glass doors are just old, contact a Denver window replacement company to update.

If you do not want to use the cleaning solutions that can be found in any store, you can prepare a homemade mixture using water and vinegar.

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