Gorgeous Vinyl Windows

Wooden windows are shadowed by the more recent popularity of PVC windows, but the wood has many advantages that we should know about.

Appearance is one of the reasons why many people still prefer wooden windows. For some, it is actually the only reason. After all, nothing can overcome the natural, elegant and warm look of wood. Natural materials have a unique beauty, and this is why so many other materials try to mimic the aspect of wood. There is no reason to go for a cheap imitation if you can afford the original version, right?

In addition, for some old buildings, whose style should be preserved, wood is the only suitable option.

Of course, there are also disadvantages about wooden windows, and they include:

  • the price – this is the biggest disadvantage compared to PVC windows that are cheaper than wooden ones by 30-40%.
  • care and maintenance – wooden windows require regular and extensive maintenance compared to vinyl windows, so if you are considering window replacement Denver dealers recommend vinyl or a form of vinyl window.
  • the vulnerability of natural materials – if wooden windows are properly designed, maintained and made of quality materials, their lifespan will be long, but in other situations they can be damaged easily by mold and moisture.



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