If you are looking for an efficient and attractive solution to enhance the light control, the privacy, the protection against the elements and the privacy, then shutters is what you need. Shutters are solid window covering elements mounted either on the interior or on the exterior side of the window frame and they can be moved with the window or separately.

Window shutters nowadays come in so many design varieties that you can surely find the type that matches the style of your home – here are the most common shutter styles:

  • Louvered shutters – the most traditional shutter type consists of overlapping wood slats mounted on a frame. Louvered shutters are installed on the exterior side of the window and most types can be stained and coated;
  • Raised panels – this type is also for the exterior and it consists of solid panels, if you are considering window replacement Denver contractors can help;
  • Shaker style shutters – they consist of solid panels and they are installed on the inside of the window;
  • Café style shutters – also used on the interior of the windows, café shutters cover only the bottom half of the window pane, so they are not designed for protection against the elements, but for improving the privacy offered by street level windows.
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