Installing window and door screens around your home is the best way to enjoy the fresh air coming from outside without having to endure insects, such as flies and mosquitos, so if you live in area that gets insects, the answer is yes, you definitely need screens on your windows and doors.

Many homeowners have aesthetic concerns when it comes to screens for their doors and windows, but fortunately there are so many options that you can surely find the best solution – here are the most common screen types:

  • Fiberglass screens – the most common type of screen is also the most cost-efficient and it is available in retractable versions as well;
  • Clear screens – they offer high visibility and high resistance to impact, they will not crease or dent and they guarantee maximum air flow, and are recommended screens when contractors install Denver replacement windows;
  • Coated fiberglass mesh – the best solution for larger openings, such as patios, porches and sliding doors;
  • Textilene screens – also great for large openings, these screens resist high winds and flying debris while also offering decent visibility;
  • Metal screens – you can also choose screens made from aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper or bronze. They are a bit more expensive than other types, but they offer the superior durability and resistance that only metal alloys can offer.
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