When it comes time to replace your windows, how do you decide whether or not you should replace them all at once, or spread the replacement process out? The decision is ultimately up to you and what your budget and timeframe, but there are a few factors you should be aware of when you begin the process. Check out this bit of advice and then call DMD Builders to begin your window replacement process in Denver.

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Taken from the article:
How to save money installing new windows

If you purchase five to eight windows at a time, your window dealer can offer you the best price on installation because their team is fully employed for the day.

Also, the right designer/consultant/retail dealer can offer suggestions on window designs that can maintain the architectural integrity of your home and also save money. Not all windows have to be re-created exactly as they were.

Deciding which windows to replace first is often based on a combination of regaining functionality and retaining proper aesthetics.

In one instance, a homeowner’s original kitchen windows were difficult to open and close, so adding functional windows to this part of the home was important. In addition, they decided to replace all the windows on the kitchen side of the home to avoid a potential mismatched look from the change in grille pattern.

The results were impressive, and the new windows look like they had always been part of the charming home’s architecture. The homeowners were thrilled to get exactly the windows they wanted for their home within a budget they could manage.

If you have the budget for a whole house window replacement, but are concerned about the toll the project will take on your daily routine, don’t be. Replacing a whole house of windows can be done much faster than renovating a kitchen or bathroom, and with much less disruption.

An experienced, well-trained team of installers can install a whole house of windows in a typical home in two to three days, including daily clean-up and disposal of the old windows.”

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