Older Wood Windows

Wood is no longer trendy when it comes to window carpentry. The most popular windows are now made of vinyl (PVC) and, more recently, fiberglass. This article will offer you information that can help you decide if fiberglass windows are a good choice for you.

The main advantage of fiberglass windows is that, being rather new on the market, they are fashionable. Vinyl window frames are now very common, most buildings have them installed, so fiberglass comes as a special material that makes people curious. However, is it just as good as PVC? Does it provide at least the same level of thermal and phonic insulation? Is it just as easy to maintain?

When it comes to the question about insulation and heat-cold transfer, the answer is clear: nothing provides better insulation than PVC, not even metal surfaces that are perfectly bonded. On the other hand, if we worry about maintenance, fiberglass windows are just as easy to maintain as PVC windows.

In addition, fiberglass Denver replacement windows have an indisputable advantage: they are very resistant, despite the fact that their name contains the word “glass”. Fiberglass is not actually glass, but a reinforced plastic made of highly robust and resistant glass polymers. It is compared to cardboard fiber, but it is more flexible than this, and therefore easier to use in the field of construction.

This resistance translates into higher costs than those related to windows made from other materials.

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