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For some people, a house without curtains and carpets is an empty house. It may be true, but just as true is that in modern interior design, curtains can be successfully replaced by roller blinds, vertical blinds or other nice and efficient window accessories.

Before you choose your curtains or blinds, you must think about their role: they must protect your privacy, but also leave enough natural light in the room, when you want it. And, on top of all that, they have to look really good and compliment your new replacement windows by DMD Window & Door.

If you have the feeling that buying curtains will make your windows look the same as your mother’s, know that you’re wrong. Nowadays there is an extraordinary variety of colors and textures. You have multiple options to choose from – light and fine curtains, as well as heavy and comforting, depending on your preferences. The materials, colors and design methods are so diverse that there is no way you cannot decorate your windows in a creative and pleasant way.

If you do not know what to choose, or what suits your room, talk to a specialist in interior decoration that will help you make the best choice of accessories for your new windows.

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