clean kitchen window replacement tips

Window cleaning might seem like a tedious task, but it does not have to be like that – here are some tips to help you make even the dirtiest window shiny:

  • Pick the right time of the day – to be able to clean your windows properly, you need natural light, but direct sunshine might prevent you from seeing all the spots and might also dry the washing liquid too quickly. Choose a time of the day when the sun is not shining directly on your windows;
  • Wipe your panes with a dry cloth first – removing the dust first will prevent the formation of mud on your windows and will make the cleaning much easier;
  • Apply a generous amount of the right cleaner – if your windows have not been cleaned in a while, soak the surface into your cleaning liquid of choice (you can use the products available in the store or you can mix your own, completely eco-friendly liquid from vinegar and distilled water), then use paper towels or a microfiber cloth to wipe off the dirty foam. If necessary, spray the pane for a second time for best results. You can also use a squeegee with a sponge for the wiping, but be very accurate when placing your tool on the surface of the pain to avoid streaks.  If you are needing Denver window replacement be sure to contact a window company that is local and is professional.
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