In many cases, it’s not necessary to replace the entire window when it’s damaged. Instead, you might get away with replacing the screens and doing some basic maintenance work to make sure your windows are properly fitted and able to prevent heat from exiting your home.  However, if the window is cracked it is important to have one of the expert windows replacement Denver companies out as soon as possible to remedy the situation. 


The following steps will provide you with a clear set of instructions to replace your window screens successfully:


  1. Vinly cloth or fiberglass will usually be the best materials you can choose for your screen. Choose the one that suits your needs and budget.
  2. If possible, place the damaged screen on the floor, and roll out your replacement window screen to cover it. Once you do so, simply cut a large enough piece that it covers the entire frame of the old screen.
  3. Remove the screen from its frame with the help of a nail-punch that can loosen the end of the plastic spline that holds the screen in place.
  4. Lay the replacement screen across the frame, and use clamps to hold it in place as you continue your work.
  5. Finally, replace the spline together with the screen material, then you can put the screen back into place.


You’ll find that replacing the spline can be easier if you simply press it into the frame as it is and wait to cut off the excess material at the end. That way you can remove just as much as needed, and avoid having to do it all over again in case the screen ends up being too small.

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