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At this moment, the classic wooden carpentry is back in fashion, especially due to the trend of returning to nature. The advantages of choosing wood windows for your Denver home are multiple:

  1. Durability of wood compared to other materials, which is definitely an advantage in Denver`s climate
  2. Resistance of wood to atmospheric, physical or mechanical aggressions
  3. The security provided by a robust wooden profile
  4. The special design and elegance provided by wood
  5. The finish of a wood window can be renewed/ retouched periodically and can even be modified
  6. The finishes used for wood windows are ecological and do not contain toxic substances, unlike other profiles
  7. The warm and natural look of wood
  8. Guaranteed thermal insulation – wood is a barrier to heat transfer, with very high energy efficiency
  9. Guaranteed sound insulation – the wood profile is continuous and robust, compared to other profiles
  10. Wood is a material that “breathes” – that is, it allows the regulation of the humidity of the indoor environment
  11. Wood windows will not deform physically, if they are properly maintained
  12. Wood does not rust, nor corrode

The tradition of using wood for window construction dates long back, which means that this material has already proven its efficiency and is most used in window replacement Denver area homes. The downsides are related to costs and maintenance and there are also justified concerns related to the excessive exploitation of wood as a finite natural resource. However, wood from forests carefully cared for by foresters is a good resource and can be inexhaustible if exploited reasonably. Producers who want to pay attention to the careful use of natural resources should take their wood from reliable sources.

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